Dear Former Students,

As we enter our 12th year, it is time to look back and take stock of all our success and challenges, of our journey towards excellence and of the contributions of each one of you, our alumni, have made in our continuous progress.

At MVJIS, it has always been a mission to create an atmosphere, where the home, the school and the community come together to provide the ultimate learning environment. In furthering this goal, we would like to request you to work as an inevitable part of MVJIS to share your thoughts, experiences and success stories to encourage and motivate the students to emulate the accomplishments of their seniors. The very purpose of creating this alumni is to create networking opportunities, sharing of experiences and mentoring future generations.

Your inputs and contributions are highly appreciated. Those who are  interested ones in giving back their community in this manner can get in touch with us to share their story so far.

Wish you all continued success.