Early Years is a unique education space for preschool or Playgroup program with the vision of reimagining excellence at MVJ Kids which focuses on individual child and complete freedom.

A playgroup is an informal kind of school for very young children where they learn by playing in an organised way that provides care and socializing. 

Motor Skills - Fine Motor & Gross Motor

The Playgroup children are exposed to an environment with nature where they spend maximum time in exploration and minimum time in the classroom. The focus is more on developing their fine and gross motor skills through circle time activities, stage activities - dance, yoga, music, walk the sand pit and soft gym activities in the Toy room.

Social Skills

Children are taught social skills through engaging in conversations in group, storytelling and rhyme with fun time.

Emotional Skills  

We help the child to express their emotions right from joy to frustration and help them to emote and ventilate. Also the young ones know about life's critical learning's like sharing, caring, helping, respecting elders etc.

Age : 2 to 3 Years

Student Teacher Ratio : 1 : 10

Session Timings: 9.30 to 12.30 – 3 Hours