Dr. M V Jayaraman

Founder, MVJ Group of Institutions

At MVJIS, We Truly Believe in Taking Education Beyond Classrooms

The visionary was Dr. M V Jayaraman - a scholar, a musician, and above all, an educationist par excellence. The seed sowed in 1970 transformed into an educational revolution. The act of setting up Venkatesha Education Society, re-wrote the destinies of lakhs of aspiring students for life.

A wise man once remarked,

"It's not what you take, but what you leave behind, that defines greatness".

The legacy left behind by our founder Dr. M V Jayaraman is today evident in each one of the leading institutions established by the Venkatesha Education Society. These are institutions that have set new standards in Indian education. MVJ Medical College & Research Hospital will, in the best traditions of all institutions that come under the umbrella of the Venkatesha Education Society, strive tirelessly to fulfill the vision of our beloved Founder, Dr. M V Jayaraman.